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Case Results

Ms. N entered the United States with a visa over 20 years ago and overstayed her permission. When her U.S. Citizen daughter turned 21, she could sponsor her mother for permanent residency. Attorney Katharine Rosenthal fully evaluated Ms. N's immigration and criminal history to confirm she was eligible for permanent residence. We filed the application, and it was approved without an interview in matter of months. Ms. N is now a permanent resident.

Ms. G and her U.S. Citizen husband worked with another attorney to file their application for Ms. G to become a U.S. permanent resident. That attorney failed to submit sufficient evidence of the couple's good faith marriage and did not properly prepare them for their interview before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). As a result, USCIS launched a fraud investigation. Attorney Katharine Rosenthal helped Ms. G and her husband compile and submit considerable additional evidence of their good faith marriage and assisted the couple in communicating with the agency to request updates and push for a decision. It took several months to get USCIS to approve the case, but Ms. G is now a U.S. permanent resident.

Ms. S and her husband applied for U nonimmigrant status through a nonprofit organization. Attorney Katharine Rosenthal helped them amend their application when their circumstances changed. Years later, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service requested additional information, but due to the agency's error, none of us received the notice, and the applications were denied. We helped the couple reopen their cases and present the required evidence. Their applications were approved, and now both Ms. S and her husband are U.S. permanent residents.

Ms. D was in the United States on a J visa when she met her husband. Attorney Katharine Rosenthal helped her obtain her home country's agreement to waive her 2-year home residency requirement so she could return to the United States sooner to be with her husband.

Mr. O applied for U.S. permanent residence through his U.S. citizen daughter. He hired us to help him respond to a Notice of Intent to Deny his application based on a lack of good moral character. We prepared a detailed response, including legal argument and substantial evidence of his good moral character. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service quickly approved his application. Mr. O is now a U.S. permanent resident.

Mr. G originally applied for naturalization in 2018 through another attorney. That application was denied due to a perceived lack of good moral character. Between 2018 and 2023, Mr. G participated in charitable activities that required him to be outside the United States for long periods of time. Attorney Katharine Rosenthal helped him obtain the proper permission ahead of time for these departures so he did not lose his permanent resident status. She also helped him plan his travels so he would have enough days inside the United States to apply for naturalization as soon as he became eligible again. The strategy was successful, and Mr. G is now a U.S. citizen.

Ms. F met her U.S. Citizen spouse through a mutual acquaintance, and they began a long-distance romantic relationship. Attorney Katharine Rosenthal helped the couple obtain fiancée visas for Ms. F and her daughter to enter the United States. After their marriage, we assisted the couple with the applications for Ms. F and her daughter to become U.S. permanent residents. Two years later, we helped them obtain 10-year green cards. Both Ms. F and her daughter have gone through each step in the application process with our full support, and we look forward to one day assisting with their naturalization applications.

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