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Due to the continued spread of COVID-19, we will schedule all appointments via 

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Know Before You Go
Case Review & Advisements

Understanding the potential implications of your immigration and criminal history on your future U.S. immigration options is crucial. As an immigration firm committed to providing clarity and insight, we offer detailed legal advisements to empower individuals in making informed decisions regarding their immigration journey.

By carefully examining your unique circumstances, we can help you understand how the law applies to you. Armed with this information, you will know before you file an application or go to an interview how your history is likely to affect your application. 

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Why Legal Advisements Matter

Navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration law requires a clear understanding of how past immigration and criminal violations may impact future immigration options. Legal advisements play a pivotal role by:

1.    Assessing Eligibility: Before you spend thousands of dollars and potentially years of your life pursuing a visa or attempting to change your immigration status, it is critical to know whether you qualify. This question may seem basic, but it can be surprisingly complex.

2.    Mitigating Risks: More importantly, if filing an application could expose you to deportation proceedings,  you need to know the risk and understand your options before filing the application. A legal advisement can identify potential issues in your immigration or criminal history and suggest strategies to minimize their impact on future immigration applications.

3.    Providing Clarity: Even when an individual clearly qualifies for a visa or a change of immigration status, the path forward is often murky. The internet contains heaps of information, but much of it is off-topic, out of date, or unreliable. A personalized legal advisement from an experienced immigration attorney, on the other hand, is specific, current, and customized to your life and goals.

Access Immigration's Legal Advisement Service

As an experienced immigration attorney, Katharine Speer Rosenthal specialize in providing thorough legal advisements tailored to your specific situation. 

First, she will conduct a detailed review of your immigration history (and if applicable, your criminal history), assessing its potential impact on your future immigration options.

Next, she will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining potential challenges, opportunities, and strategies to address any identified issues.

Lastly, she will offer personalized recommendations to help you navigate your immigration journey with clarity and confidence.

How It Works

1.    Consultation: In this appointment, you will meet with the attorney to discuss your concerns and review any relevant documentation. If legal research is necessary before deciding whether to begin an immigration application, Ms. Rosenthal will explain the goal of the research, the cost of hiring us to perform the research and advise you on the outcome, and the expected timeframe to complete the research and legal advisement.

2.    Thorough Evaluation: The attorney will conduct a thorough analysis of your immigration and/or criminal history and provide a comprehensive advisement. This research often requires us to request documents from federal government agencies. Due to the agencies' own delays, this process can take many months. If you are able to provide us with the relevant documents at the consultation, we will be able to advise you more quickly. 

3.    Detailed Report: You will receive a detailed legal advisement report outlining our key findings, potential challenges, and tailored recommendations. You will have the opportunity to discuss the report directly with the attorney and ask any questions. Our goal is for you to understand our advisement so you can make an informed decision on which path is best for you and your family.

Empowering Your Immigration Journey

At Access Immigration, we are committed to empowering individuals by providing clear insights into the potential impacts of their immigration and criminal history on their future in the United States. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to make informed decisions about your immigration options.

Contact Us

If you seek clarity regarding your immigration or criminal history's potential impact on your future in the United States, please reach out. Schedule a consultation today, and together, let's chart a path forward toward achieving your immigration goals.

Thank you for considering our services to provide clarity and guidance on your immigration journey.

Disclaimer: This information is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The immigration process is highly variable based on individual circumstances. Consultation with a qualified immigration attorney is recommended for personalized guidance.

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