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Meet Laura - Our Compassionate Immigration Paralegal

Laura brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate heart to the Access Immigration team. She joined us in 2018, but her journey in the immigration field began back in 2007. Over the years, Laura has dedicated herself to making a difference in the lives of immigrants.


A Journey of Dedication

Laura's commitment to immigration advocacy has taken her on a diverse path. Before joining the Access Immigration team, she was a volunteer, intern, and BIA Accredited Representative, serving both adults and children in immigration detention facilities in Texas and Colorado. Her invaluable experience in these roles has equipped her with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of immigration law.


Education and Multicultural Exploration

Laura is a proud graduate of the University of Denver, holding both a master's degree in social work and a law degree. Her passion for understanding different cultures has led her to study and live abroad in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Brazil. These experiences have enriched her ability to connect with clients from various backgrounds.


A Heart for Giving Back

When Laura isn't meticulously preparing immigration applications, she dedicates her time to a noble cause—volunteering at a shelter for vulnerable children. Her unwavering commitment to helping those in need extends beyond her professional life, embodying the values of compassion and service.


Laura's journey in the immigration field is a testament to her dedication and empathy. Her diverse experiences and deep-rooted passion make her an invaluable asset to the Access Immigration team and a trusted advocate for our clients.

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