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DACA is back, baby!

On December 4, 2020, a federal court ordered USCIS to fully reinstate the DACA program, effective immediately!

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On December 7, USCIS updated its website to comply with the federal court order. The website confirms that USCIS is now:

  • Accepting first-time requests for DACA;

  • Accepting DACA renewal requests based on the original terms of the DACA program;

  • Accepting applications for advance parole documents;

  • Extending one-year grants of deferred action under DACA to two years; and

  • Extending one-year employment authorization documents under DACA to two years.

It is not yet clear exactly how USCIS will inform employers that one-year employment authorization cards are now valid for two years. Nevertheless, the website states that USCIS will “take appropriate steps to provide evidence of the one-year extensions of deferred action and employment authorization documents under DACA to individuals who were issued documentation on or after July 28, 2020, with a one-year validity period under the defunct policy.”

If you think you qualify to file a first-time request for DACA, or if you would like advice on requesting advance parole, call us at (720) 432-2221 or send an email to to schedule your confidential phone or Zoom consultation.

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