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Visas for Couples - An Overview

I often hear, "My fiancée lives abroad. What's the fastest way for us to be together in the United States?"

After talking through the options, the loving couple is disappointed there isn't a quicker path but grateful to finally understand their options. Some choose to file a fiancée petition, others get married, still others choose to move abroad. Each couple's choice depends on their own priorities.

Floating hearts

Here is the table I share with couples to help them visualize the main 3 options. There can be other strategies in some cases. The other strategies don't apply to everyone and do not fit neatly into a table, so they are best discussed in a personalized consultation with a lawyer specializing in this way of immigration to the United States.

Please use this table as a starting point for your own research and conversations with your sweetie, your families, and ideally with a lawyer.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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